Before you read anything.

This blog is a passion project I started years ago. I meant for it to become the canvas on which I would practice and develop my creative writing skills by producing content that varied in conceptual color: scicomm (almost exclusively neuro ed), personal, and fiction.

I have long neglected writing much of anything at all since 2016. I cringe reading most of my earlier stuff, but I have left it mostly the same since last I changed anything (more than a year ago) because it’s proof to me that I am not the same person I was and those pieces were how I had decided to express myself.

This year I’ve made the resolution of nourishing this blog back to life by feeding it words. I have always loved writing. And I hope that if I do it enough, I will change and improve and perhaps someday be able to create something interesting and beautiful.

I had initially conceptualized as an epistemological and creative exercise with the purpose of educating the readers on neuroscientific topics while also sharing creatively written pieces of a personal of fictional nature with the purpose of producing an abstract, literary portrait of my human brain (while hopefully encouraging the reader to add a conceptual stroke or two to their own portrait). Now it will serve as a repository of my writings on a variety of subjects relevant to my human experience.

I found it extremely difficult to motivate myself to write as if I knew how and why the brain works the way it does, no matter how many references to primary literature I have at my disposal. It is easier for me to begin from the pov of my personal experience of having a nervous system (the only thing I could actually be considered an expert in) and ruminate and analyze and metaphorize and attempt to describe and explain through the lens of neuroscientific speculation and the format of creative writing. I also think that in this way this blog will be a more effective tool for coping and treating my chronic mental illness. So topics may range from educational pieces on neuroscience/science in general to science policy to entries about my life as well as works of creative fiction.

Also, expect some of the content in this blog will be very personal. You have been warned.

Moreover, I am open to all types of discussion, suggestions, opinions, personal theories, and corrections. Academic’s honor: I will genuinely try to reference only valid/credible and relevant sources in the event that I cite anything. Of course, I’d wish for the educated reader never to have the need to make a major correction or point out a logical fallacy before I catch myself in the wrong, but I must wholeheartedly embrace that possibility. I am but a mere plebeian writer sifting through the endless content of an infinite library; a simple word farmer tending to an interminable harvest of knowledge. I welcome and encourage anyone who reads these publicly available writings to be my editors.

So that’s what you can expect from this page. Hope this information has managed your expectations accordingly. If you want to know what my CV looks like, go to my LinkedIn:

Feel free to contact me directly with comments, questions, requests, whatever by connecting with me on social media.

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