Good Riddance: Part II

Friendly and honorable intentions aside

(For I can guarantee they did exist)

Honest goodwill was simply not enough to safeguard against

Your naturally brilliant manner of deceiving

Not only those who should never trust you, but also yourself

In your effortless malice I’ve met the only human bane

To which my ego has reacted most spitefully

by betraying its most condescending, ugliest, and cruelest form

As a beast relishing an evil justice against the insult of your existence

Of your pathetic delusions that you could ever threaten mine

When you are barely worth the words you have written

And the respect you occasionally inspire is quickly exhaled

And one finds it smells and tastes just like cigarette smoke

In any case, pity would subdue me and sympathy, empathy, and decency would rein in this disgusting, resentful lunacy.

You are not really all that bad, I know; I feel like I projected too much on you after you hurt my feelings. And I’m truly ashamed I ever felt that way. And I guess you can feel good about that, since I know you eat up that petty shit like pills.

Anyway, I will say this: the best thing you ever wrote that I read was when you were describing your parents’ attitude towards your grievances. Something like everything you tried to convey to them about your mood they would treat “as if it were a napkin they used to spit out their food”. Good shit.

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