I’ve always been interested in the mentally unstable so it made sense that you would make me very curious. I’m sorry I’m too deranged for your taste and that I wasted my time and yours. You barely remember half of what you’ve done anyway so I’m certain that you don’t have a clear grasp on who you are. I’m happy I was finally confronted. It felt somewhat actually genuine, finally! The cherry on top was your geisha bulldog’s half-baked performance (I’m not sure you know exactly the extent of my toxic shenanigans; seemed like you threw in an extra deed or two based on what he said) publicly defaming my name and attacking people who had nothing to do with this all in your poor defense lmao I was reminded of all the fucking petty shit stirring you guys were famous for. Baje a su nivel y eso sí es patético.

I felt good afterwards, knowing I was giving you way too much credit. It helped me realize that my ego wasn’t in check and that you’re not really evil or brilliant, you’re just, you know, whatever you are. Just a chick trying to survive.

I don’t give a fuck if it annoyed you or not. I regret having done it, but I don’t regret having caused you any discomfort or pain. IMO, your best chance at becoming a decent person is a lobotomy.

PS: I would never treat anybody the way I treated you. Toxic begets toxic. Doesn’t that make you feel special? :3

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