May 5th, 2021: TIL

12am: (knierim_cue_review _2010_framing spatial cognition)

*wastes >30 minutes trying to write a rap about the review to the beat of Lamar’s “HUMBLE” instead of reading the review*

(Thots and players for me

Praying won’t work for me)

Yeh yeh

Trying to read about these

Old behavioral analyses

Been doing since the ‘90s

Studying how lab rodents’ navigate

Not gonna lie, was bored af

about 73% of the time spent reading this

Jargon strangles words, strangles my time

Leaves me pulseless, T-5 to reach unconsciousness


I’m so fucking sick and tired

of the Morris Maze

Why write so much about

This subject for fuck’s sake

Why write beyond 2 pages

On distal vs “other” cues

Still, gotta get thru

Gotta try my best to gaf bout UGHhhhh


TIL about a prevalent model for framing spatial cognition in rodents that involves concerted activity between entorhinal grid cells and and hippocampal head direction and place cells. Mildly interesting.

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