Empowering Early Career Researchers: Improving Culture in Academia by Kartik Aiyer – Voices of Academia

While science is exciting and interesting, many aspects of the scientific practise are difficult and stressful. Navigating research can be a huge challenge for early career researchers, particularly if the academic hierarchies are not structured well. It is crucial to discuss systemic issues that plague the academic landscape. Talking openly about systemic racism, harassment, poor…... Continue Reading →

Cyberbullying and addiction

Social Media Addiction Linked to Cyberbullying As social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and others continue to grow in popularity, …Cyberbullying and addiction 😬

The unraveling of Sophie

March 13th 2021 Sophie wakes up for the first time in her life. Sophie wakes up for the first time in her life at 7am on a Saturday morning in the body of a 25 year old human female. Sophie, once awake, can only barely recall sensations from any previous existential state. She ruminates on... Continue Reading →

I’m okay right now.

It is nice to have felt more than a hollow shell today. More like myself, less weak and susceptible to lending my body to the hateful whims, the baseless pride, the mindless indulgence of this poisoned, sadistic ego I have yet to fully understand and control. I wonder if I'll ever stop being so fundamentally... Continue Reading →

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