Prologue: The Stuff of Dreams

I’ve been trying to find this journal entry about a dream I had about my grandmother days after she’d passed away. It planted an idea in my head: just as sleep physiologically restores us to a homeostatic rested state, could dreams help heal emotional wounds? I cried and sobbed in my dream as she held... Continue Reading →

Wasted time indeed, but it was too amusing to attempt to decipher what power enabled you to hurt those who truly cared about you, that there is real depth to your experience and value to interacting and understanding your existence in order to learn from it. Ever since you lied to me (literally first time we sat to talk), it was a bummer to that you simply seemed a mere victim of delusions and serious personal crisis albeit with a sense of humor. So I felt willing to help because I actually had faith in your potential to speak truth and challenge and support a fellow suffering female. Lol. Hasn’t been my first mistake as a judge of character. Honestly, after learning of your absolute petty fakeness, I was curious to see how long it would take you to provide a single genuine interaction. I was quite delighted that you finally confronted me and spoke honestly, I’m almost certain. And although the absolute bat-shit histrionic, misinformed spectacle your equally petty land toxic friend only satisfied my notions of why you’d forsake the friendship of people who would help you and care for you healthily to live in the dissipated denial promoted by your behavior. Only thing I derived anger instead of amusement or satisfaction from was the lack of justification for acting out of idiocy and ignorance in order to gather “collateral” in the form of people that had absolutely jack shit to do anything with what mad you oh so worried and annoyed.

“Action without knowledge is useless, but knowledge without action is futile.” Abu Bakr

Private Only visibl Citizen Writeous is a (potential) non-profit organization with the aim to increase public scientific literacy by developing accessible, engaging resources, and educational content for all readers. Our design is to effectively convey and visualize research-based information regarding topics that affect all citizens and establish science's role in society as a tool and... Continue Reading →

The struggle is real.

Stability eludes me Like that analogy in Fahrenheit 451 Where the narrator describes the inability To retain the information he reads In my case, my body is the sieve Stability poured in by meds and support Until it starts to gradually fall through All the poked little holes of me And suddenly emptied of balance... Continue Reading →

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